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.details on san francisco's second murder of the year. and bart police are looking a homicide outside a plus.kron-4 is in atlanta ready for a trip to the controversy surrounding star tonight at 11 -- san francisco police are second murder this year. and killed while driving near fillmore and geary streets around five-thirty this evening. multiple shots at a black four door car. authorities say the suspect got away in a white or silver car. the victim later died at san francisco general. the suspect is only described as a black male, who was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. >> in the middle of the day when you think it is safe now you have to worry about getting shot. >> tonight - police are investigating another deadly shooting at a san leandro bart station. the bay fair bart station was reopened a couple hours ago. the shooting killed one person and injured another. kron4's alecia reid has the >> over dozens of shell casings were counted at the scene it. this man was shot dead and a woman was also hit by the gunfire. she was rushed to hospital and is expected to be okay. >> people to not v
at 11. had cancer and arthritis. >> this view from the san francisco will be officially unveiled and this is testing. >> this heartbreaking and yet heartwarming story of what i love the on its dog and its owner. this is le nnox a boxer who had cancer and arthritis because the dog was suffering and there was nothing more vets could do, his owner made the tough decision to put lennox to sleep. but before he did, he gave lennox a feast fit for a king. a bacon- wrapped turkey leg. sausages. and cheesy rice. the video of the dog's last meal was posted on the website, reddit, and received tons of positive comments. one user wrote, "one of the greatest lessons a pet teaches its owner in life. is that it ends." lennox was euthanized and passed peacefully on wednesday. there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting
that to you updated. so, the san francisco 49ers the nfc chance everybody is excited to >> and kron4's philippe djegal hit the streets of sanwhere he ran into celebrating fans after the >> they certainly know how to party. the excelsior district. immediately following they poured onto mission district. who has cut a better than us? nobody. >> it is harbaugh vs harbaugh! we are going to take it all the way. >> it kind of looked like they would not get it but it looks like it is going to be an amazing super bowl. >> everybody is so excited. i think that it was 1995 the last time that it was a super bowl and in san francisco i was still on my mom of stomach. >> check the crowd. i believe following baltimore and new orleans they said to bring on their ravens. and and kron4's j-r stone was out at the 49ers game today where he found a handful of faithful 49ers fans at the georgia dome. he reports from atlanta. >> all is quiet right now at the georgia dome r dome rise up to sit down atlanta bow down! >> we are going to add one more to this. >> it was a beautiful game. the 49ers it deserves e
hill. police say a man attacked a woman last night. breaking into her san francisco home. assaulting and attempting to rape her. police say 25-year-old jovan jones was eventually tracked down. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. that may not have happened so quickly if not for a good samaratan getting involved. tonight at eight. we tell you about terrifying moments on telegraph hill. police say a man attacked a woman last night. breaking into her san francisco home. assaulting and attempting to rape her. police say 25-year-old jovan jones was eventually tracked down. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. that may not have happened so quickly if not for a good samaratan getting involved. this is where the san francisco police department says. a 26-year-old woman was assaulted saturday night. alta street. a small road on telegraph hill with no outlets. pocice say at around eight at night. the woman was entering her home. when 25-year-old jovan jones of marin city snuck up on her. forced his way into the home and threw the woman to the floor. police say he demanded money a
to conduct myself in the future in the "san francisco giants way." >> federal agents have made a large child porn bust , involving more than 120 children. u-s immigration and customs enforcement, known as ice. arrested more then 200 people - three of them here in the bay area. suspects. >> these children range in age from under 3 years old to 17 years old they have rescued 34 of them from their abusers. they have been exploited or adults that have been victimized as children. 37 of these arrests have been in california and three were in a arrested in sonoma county, sor leandro, and san francisco. including this man from s f o airport. >> he was getting ready to go to the philippines and he had child pornography in his possession. it could to beat that somebody that has a picture that has traded. >> reggie kumar, kron 4. >> jacqueline: temperatures are already dropping. as we take a look at the satellite and radar we are dealing with cloud coverage to the north ray flynn. and more clouds could move and overnight temperatures are not going to " be as cold. but we are in the 30's in a number of
remain. what happened to kevin collins. back in 1984. the 10-year-old boy who vanished in san francisco. tonight -- we know, investigators found something in the cold case that caught their attention. it brought them back to a house on masonic avenue. a home that investigators searched when kevin collins first disappeared in 19-84. the exact nature of that tip or clue. is still part of the sealed search warrant. tonight. kron-4 spoke with kevin's mother.s he shares her theory of what she thinks could have happened. >> i always thought that a witness saw a newsman talking to my eighth little boy . maybe he thought the above boiler was torn to protect them and maybe the man lured maybe he thought that the should never have been on that corner. and maybe that's tall blond man with the black dog could have lured kevin with the dog... >> investigators are testing the animal bones. to make sure it is not kevin. the lead investigator who handled the case when it broke in 19-84. says during his search he uncovered tunnels under haight street. but he is not sure if current investigators will aga
appear to be unrelated. streets in san francisco's north beach neighborhood have been reopened after a suspicious package was removed earlier this afternoon. people were evacuated and streets were shut down around vallejo and stockton. while a bomb squad removed the package and took it to a remote location. police later deemed the package safe. authorities have not said what was inside the package. >> is the 40th anniversary of roe vs wade... today, both were in san francisco. >> across the country 70% of people believe in row, so i'm optimistic we're gonna continue to move forward. >> reporter: it was 1973 when the supreme court recognized a woman's right to choose an abortion. this sea of people believe a medical decision should be made between a woman and her doctor.and say they each have to do their part to protect that choice. >> we have to keep defending row and defending the rights of women to make their own decisions on their bodies legally, but there's also a more profound fight about access and affordability and insurance coverage and about making sure that people especiall
-- a mother waiting for answers as today police swarm a san francisco home. digging for clues in the kevin collins. who went missing in 1984. here's a map to show a couple of key locations in this case. on the day kevin went missing, he left basketball practice at saint agnes high school in the haight. he was last seen at oak street and masonic. today -- bones were found in a home on masonic. near page street. kron-4's reggie kumar begins our live team coverage in san francisco. reggie, what's the latest? >> reporter: the bones were discovered on the masonic st. but they are from an animal, not a human. san francisco investigators say cadavar dogs indicated the presence of possible human remains under the concrete floor of this home near the 1100 block of masonic street. several people spent most of tuesday removing large chunks of concrete, and dirt in order to locate the remains. once they were found, the medical examiner determined they were animal bones. so they may not be linked to kevin collins, who disappeared in 1984.police say the resident who lives in the home is not a suspect, i
that question by saying. about a dozen cities have issued illegal immigrant cards, including san francisco. and san problems. >> catherine: san francisco police are looking for a robbery suspect who killed this little dog because his victim didn't have enough money to give him. kron four's jeff bush shows you newly released surveillance video of the suspect and talked to the woman who lost her best friend. >> reporter: san francisco police provided this video to kron four and it shows the suspect running away after robbing a woman of a few dollars and then throwing her little dog, roxie, into oncoming traffic on levenworth street last friday in broad daylight. this is roxie, a 12 year old picineese rescued from the shelter by the woman who was attacked in the tenderloin last week. roxie and her owner were in the car driving down levenworth but had to pull over to look for the cell phone that was misplaced somewhere in the car. >> he promised me into the with the other hand he was digging into my jacket pocket looking for money. and he found a couple of dollars. when i got out and went arou
: a peaceful ending to a police standoff in san francisco. this is video of the scene taken earlier from sky 7 h- d. officer were called to the area after they received reports that a man had fired a weapon inside the complex. kron4's scott rates has the latest. >> police and a swat team members are stepping down and the richmond district. i just spoke to one of the investigators and he says that everything has ended peacefully. you can see the ambulance is backing up to the home after he barricaded himself inside of this home with a gun. it took them nearly five hours for him to come out, peacefully. neighbors for also evacuate it and will be able to return to their home, soon. people open the roads, soon. reporting abridgment, scott rates, kron 4 news. >> pam: four fire houses in the east bay. shut down and scaling back. because of severe financial cutbacks. three stations in lafayette, martinez and walnut creek closed their doors this morning. one fire station in clayton. will drastically cut its hours. but stay open. all this, because the contra costa county fire protection district. is fa
of san francisco. the victim is in her mid- twenties. this is the man police are looking for. 22-year-old dexter oliver. phillipe djegal has more. >> vicki. suspect. 22-year-old dexter oliver. and, the victim knew eachother. in fact, police say the two are dating. right now, the victim is being treated in the burn center here at saint francis hospital. witnesses tell the san francisco police that they heard a woman screaming. on hollister avenue between third and jennings at around 12-15 sunday afternoon. police say 22-year-old dexter oliver approached her. threw flammable liquid over her. and, then set her body on fire. police say it's possible that afterwords, oliver walked down the street and boarded a light rail train. investigators not releasing what led to the confrontation. but police say oliver and the victim are dating. here's a look at dexter oliver. police say he's about 5-10. weighing 155 pounds. he was last seen wearing a red and white hoodie. dark pajama pants, with multi-colored shamrock print. with grey and red nike tennis shoes. police say he also has a unique haircut
by the bay and oakland. 37 and san mateo. this live look at san francisco clear skies and in arctic air mass. temperatures are going to drop, significantly. the belief that a freeze warning is in effect for the north bay, the south bay for 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures will be well below freezing for several hours. there are no freeze warnings for the bay area but still the bayside locations could get close to or right at freezing point. the purple showing 30's. and even 20's mid-20s by tomorrow morning. santa rosa, livermore, concord a couple of more cold nights. >> oakland police say three people were injured in a shooting this afternoon. two men and one woman were hurt in the incident. it happened on harmon avenue. no suspect description is available. >> meanwhile. oakland police tonight are searching for the suspects responsible for fridays string of murders. authorities say three young men and a teenage boy were murdered in the span of six hours. police believe there are several groups involved. at this point, investigators are not calling those groups gangs. police say the violence
crabtree. san francisco police are investigating the incident that is said to have taken place at a san francisco hotel early sunday morning. crabtree is cooperating in the investigation and has not been detained or arrested. this comes less than 48- hours before kickoff. of the n-f-c championship game between the 49-ers and the atlanta falcons sunday. the 49ers released a statement on the incident that says. quote - "we are aware of the allegation against michael. and understand that he has fully cooperated with authorities. the 49ers take such matters very seriously. we will have no further comment at this time. as the legal process is ongoing. additional requests for comment should be directed to michael's attorney." gary will have more on the 49ers ahead in sports. >> authorities in the east bay searching for a teenage girl who may have run off with with an older man. 13-year- old delicia moreno. pictured on your screen. was last seen yesterday in hayward. leaving for school. but she never showed up. kron 4's dan kerman shows us her friends and family's attempt to spread the word of
's sleep >> san francisco city leaders are already making plans for superbowl sunday. repeat of the chaos that occurred in some neighborhoods after the giants won the world series. this is video. the mayor says, law enforcement leaders are meeting with the department of emergency management. about how to keep post -game crowds under control. he also says, the n-f-l has turned down their request to broadcast the game from a jumbotron. something they have done in the past during other big games. what has not been nailed down. is the traditional wager between san francisco's mayor ed lee and the mayor of baltimore. >> not on the specifics yet. but certain quality, maybe some crabcakes are in the mix. >> pam: mayor lee also has not decided on whether or not to head to new orleans to watch the game in person. he says he's torn. because well on the road without him so far, and he doesn't want to jinx anything. >> coming up later, one of the best players. he is in town to play and will also hear from alex smith. later in this broadcast. >> jacqueline: we're not done with the rain just yet. some
>> pam: an attempted rape in san francisco's mission district earlier this week has the community coming together to rally against sexual crimes. kron 4's alecia reid has more on what precautions the neighborhood is taking. >> reporter: marching through the mission district, neighbors pledge to respond to cries for help. they want their streets to be safe. taking aual violence, a sea of men and women are promoting vigilance against these crimes. >> manifest ourselves against violence in any form, especially against women. >> reporter: the latest victim was attacked saturday night. she used skills that helped her get away from her attacker without being seriously harmed. activists say rape isn't just sex without consent. some of these women are threatened, injuredand some of them end up dead. >> it's an epidemic and we need to call it an epidemic. there's a reported rape every 6.2 minutes in the united states, and that's what's reported. there's a lot more rapes happening. more than twice that they think. >> reporter: since this recent attack , there have been a number of inquiries about
ordered to stay put for now. it's not known if they will be relocated to a hotel in san francisco. the investigation to determine if the bar pilot is to blame for this collision could take months. that may mean the overseas reymar crew is in the same predictament as the six men who were onboard cosco busan. federal investigators will be out here tomorrow investigating to damage. this investigation will continue tomorrow. reporting live, reggie kumar, kron 4. >> pam: tonight, we have new details regarding the search for human bones going on in the central valley. a case linked to the speed freak killers. death row inmate wesley shermantine previously gave authorities locations of abandoned wells. where they would find human remains. last year, more than a thousand bone fragments were recovered in a well. so far, no human bones have been found in this new dig. the work the f-b-i is doing now is more preliminary they're setting up a 40- foot work area for crews to safely work in. you can see all of the experts there on the ground. they are starting to go through that dirt. crews aren
is violently attacked in san francisco's mission district. and the victim is using social media to warn the community. kron 4's philippe djegal is live in san francisco. with more on what police are calling an attempted rape. philippe? she is a self described mountain climber fight off her attacker. she says she was walking down the 23rd street after returning from the haze section. she noticed a suspicious man walking towards her. she could not avoid him there were no side streets. she did not want to turn around because then her back would be turned and she did not know what was going to be happening. this is how she described what happened. >> she sent this out to friends and neighbors in the area. the suspect launched at me. he knew what he was doing and how to attack someone. ..... eventually, she was able to get his hand out of her mouth. she says that she was struggling and avoided he is described as an asian male. 5 ft. 8 in., 160 lbs. between 20 and 30 years old. has a small beard. he was last saying wearing a dark pants and a bar coded as wishard. >> some are organizing a rall
the search. next a woman is shocked in the face by a suspect with a stun gun. near a san francisco intersection. police say, the suspect was after the victim's cell phone. we go live to the scene of the attack. that's where we find kron 4's philippe djegal. philippe - the attack >> yes, pam. police say the attack happened in broad daylight. with several witnesses in the area. one of those witnesses also tells me the attack happened at this bus stop. but in the end. the suspect left empy handed. this is an example of what police say a man used to try and rob a woman of her purse and cellphone tuesday. witnesses say the suspect and the victim then got into a scuffle at this bus stop on divisadero at haight street at around 1-20 in the afternoon. police say the suspect stunned the woman at least twice. the second time in the torso. before running off without any of the woman's belongings. jumping into a waiting car. double parked on the street. >> pam: police say it appears the suspect scouted his victim out before the attack. but the woman was not seriously injured. live in san franc
in san francisco to send off the niners.before they headed out to new orleans for next week's super bowl show down. hours later the 49ers touch down in new orleans. >> plus -- cars stopping traffic on a major bay area highway. so they can do this. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.in another big story. >> hardcore niners fans came out to wish their team luck on their journey to the big easy today. the team had a tight schedule. so only media was allowed into the area where they were loading up. the players and coaches did not have time to speak to the press. they just walked by. the team seemed upbeat. most of them supporting smiles. once the team was loaded up the five buses drove past the crowd that gathered out front. where hundreds of fans cheered them on. although you couldn't see through the dark tinted bus window. 49ers faithful believe there is a special bond between them and the players. >> no autographs but i just wanted to show with the team that we are all here for them and we will be here when they come back. they saw us and we love t
store in san francisco. all the victims are in their 20's. police say it all started when shots were fired at a nearby housing project kron 4's alecia reid has more on the investigation. >> reporter: while the remains of this car is being pulled away from the sidewalk, the damage done is horrific. >> the vehicle was thrown against the store and there was also in a pedestrian that was pronounced dead. >> the vehicle was thrown against the store. there was also a mid twenty year old pedestrian walking into the store, he was also pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the passenger inside the car was also killed in an instant, and the driver is lying in the hospital with life threatening injuries. this all happened after police pulled over the driver of this black car. shots were fired near the valencia gardens public housing complex and the car fit the description. but as officers walked over, he >> the guy was stopped, didn't wanna get caught, took off, and because of his trying to get away, crashed into another car and took out 2 lives right now. >> reporter: the suspect is in th
in the bay area -- thousands of people gathered at the yerba buena gardens in san francisco for the annual m-l-k -day- celbration. here are some of the sights and sounds from the holiday event. this was the scene at diridon station early this morning in san jose. hundreds of people honoring dr. king -- by boarding the freedom train. an annual tradition. the dr. martin luther king jr association. charters and pays for the trains. they have been doing so for the past 30 years. actually, two trains were needed to accommodate this year's crowds. many people hearr mission on this day. is to keep dr king's dream alive. hundreds more freedom riders climbed aboard in palo alto for the trip to san francisco. where they were to join the march and rally in honor of the late civil rights leader. and dr. martin luther king's presence was certainly felt during the inauguration of president obama today. a float featuring the late civil rights leader, was part of the inagural parade. as january marks the 150th year of the emancipation proclamation. oath of office. by placing owned by dr.king as well as one
. 26-year-old francisco gutierrez was walking to a san francisco liquor store when he was struck and killed by a car. his mother speaking through a translator. is now left with the task of burying her son. she cannot believe that your son is dead. after the when states funeral issue want to take the body back to honduras. however, she cannot afford it on her own and need the public financial help. the victim's mother spoke to a translator. she wants the suspect, david morales to pay. >> he should brought to justice. this time i am not upset but i am just sad. it is a difficult moment. and to give me the strength to move on with life. i am most grateful because my that god gave me the opportunity to gave me the time with my son. >> they say that he was a loving man and he moved here eight years ago. he worked in construction. this man works with victims of violence. he is seldom with a family trying to cope with this tragedy. >> we just need to know that violence is not the way to resolve issues. -- he often- works with families trying to cope with this family's tragedy. tonight a
's following tuesday's deadly crash in san francisco's mission district. david morales had his first court appearance today and kron 4's dan kerman was there. >> reporter: shackled at the wrists and wearing a jail issued orange sweatshirt and pants, 19 year old david morales appeared in court friday but did not enter a plea the media was also not allowed to show his face on camera >> we are going to be prosecuting this case to the fullest extent. >> reporter: at a news conference friday, district attorney george gascon said morales is the gang member who shot at three people on tuesday then led police on a high speed chase through san francisco's mission district before running a red light and crashing into another vehicle killing two people and injuring a third >> he is under the condition of a felony. he killed someone that now is felony murder. >> reporter: in addition to 2 counts of murder, morales also faces 3 counts of attempted murder, evading arrest and participating in a gang the d.a. says though only 19, morales has been involved in gang for sometime, and said his arrest should
of the fire is under investigation. >> with less than a week until the superbowl, some san francisco businesses in areas which were vandalized during the world series celebrations. are putting plans in place, in case post- game parties get out of control again. kron 4's maureen kelly spoke to the operators of one bar in the mission district. about the steps they are taking. >> this was definitely grow to zero mayhem. >> reporter: here you can see the spontaneous bonfire and fire dancing that broke out back in october of last year in front of the beauty bar at 19th and mission. and here is what the side of the business looked like the next day. but those who operate the barare still looking forward to sunday. >> i cannot wait i hope the above are going to win it is great for business, it really, really is. >> reporter: but this time things will be different. >> we will have more security, so they do not head of the building and the actor michael for people that are not going to be rowdy. dispite the mayor's suggestion not to serve hard alcohol on game day.they still plan to sell spirt
cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> pam: san francisco police are asking for the publics help in identifying two suspects involved in a bank robbery on january fourth. the two suspects entered a bank on geary boulevard and proceeded to rob the bank at gunpoint. they later ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash and fled in a dark colored vehicle. both men are described as black males, and one of them may have been wearing a fake beard. police are hoping someone will recognize the two men, and help lead to an arrest. >> in san francisco -- caltrans are working overnight to reset and re- test the sprinklers inside the doyle drive tunnel. it's the tunnel that leads to the golden gate bridge. the sprinklers accidently went off this morning. causing slippery roads. officials say the system was triggered when cal trans workers were doing routine maintenance. late night commuters can expect to find one lane of southbound traffic inside the tunnel. closed starting from 11 p-m tonight, until 5 a-m tomorrow morning. sharks oilers >> this homegro
. with people getting ready to go into san francisco in the morning and afternoon. take a look at this station. there was a line to get on and it was quoted. but by that time i got to the embarcadero, for that about it. you see it that it is standing room only. you might be on your feet for very little personal space for almost 30 minutes. >> i notice that i am standing a lot more. >> i am standing all the time. they need more trains. >> reporter: with the high gas prices, the bart rider ship his skyrocketing. it is skyrocketing. this 6 percent hike is much higher than that the 1 percent hike that bart was anticipating poor this year. and the future needs. for bart, they need more passenger cars. now remember, there are only 60 seats. and at least 40 people are standing in the maximum that you could have on a car is 142 people still, the best not comfortable. the max that you could have on a car is 122 people they say that they need at least 1000 o more subway cars but those are not on the way for at least four more years. >> pam: new at 11. the san mateo county narcotics task force arrested.
. reggie kumar kron 4news >> jacqueline: 30's at a san francisco. 50s in daly city. and we are going to see warmer conditions overnight in some locations. chilly and others it is going to be warm and cold. even warmer than today's nice temperatures. we could even get to the 60s. we will talk more about that and changes for your extended forecast. >> pam: the search for a shooting suspect underway in hayward, after a confrontation leaves one person in the hospital. then. the attempted robbery of a jewelry store caught on tape! we share what caught the suspects by surprise. plus. the lateston the hostage rescue attempt in algeria. that has some u-s officials fuming! that's all coming up. during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, get free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry, the special financing offer ends martin luther king, jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train.
is on the way. here now is a live look at current conditions in san francisco and oakland. a few showers still lingering into the late night. meanwhile,i'm here in the weather center with brian van aken who is tracking the rain. >> there is still some lean in the south bay in san jose. some rainfall through the santa cruz mountains. note to the yellow is where the moderate/heavy. we have its here in the santa clara valley. and near santa clara and towards campbell. there is a burbank. this is highway 17 and there is the 880/280. moderate/heavy. also, to the north it hasn't quieted down a bit. still, some bit of a -- quieted down. san rafeal, but for the most part things are improving. the showers are still expected to forecast but not as heavy as what we have seen. the heaviest in the north bay one-half inch in the san rafael. smaller amounts in the south-east. this live look at the san mateo bridge. showers tonight and tomorrow. sunshine and i will have your forecast, coming up. >> for more on the rain. we go out live to san rafael. and kron-4's jeff bush. how are things looking out >> it is
, is a vital link for for hundreds of thousands of people driving in, out and through san francisco every day. kron 4's charles clifford. has more on what cal-trans found when assessing the damage. >> just minutes after the bay bridge was a stroke they dispatched the maintenance team to look for damage. this is from abc's seven high-definition video. the working crews investigators and checking out the tower and the fender. >> the first thing we check is that the structure of the bridge is safe. we wanted to make sure that the fender is still active in the way that it was supposed to, which was to protect the bridge. there's no damage to the bridge with the exception of the fendering system. >> reporter: caltran will also check with traffic. >> there are other items to make sure that there are no other notification devices were compromised or damaged. we are also a investigating that. >> reporter: charles clifford, kron 4. a >> pam: our team coverage continues with kron 4's reggie kumar. he's live on treasure island with more on the bar pilot's past history. reggie? >> reporter: there were di
of san francisco. all the while city officials hope to prevent a repeat of the chaos and vandalism that occurred when the giants won the world series last year. superbowl sunday security plans are still in the works. but as kron four's terisa estacio reports, hitting the bars will be one way officers hope to make a difference this time around. >> reporter: a scorched muni bus. vandalism in the mission district. dozens of arrests. fires in garbage chans. it was not a pretty picture in the city following the giants big win. and police say they are not about to let that happen again. >> we have learned. >> reporter: deputy chief of operations john loftus says, one big change will be removing garbage cans so they can not be lit on fire. >> we learned that they were settign on fire, now we will have garbage day a day earlier. also loftus says there will be more patrols in the mission district. so that they can manage crowds that tend to pour out into that area. >> smaller to manage. is better. >> reporter: in addition, he adds, officers will hit the bars to make sure people are not drin
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